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inweb CMS Features

Choosing the right Content Management System [CMS] for your needs is perhaps the most important decision you'll make for the future of your website.


Design Features

Stunning Page Components

Build your website pages the way and look you like by selecting components from our gallery.

Advanced Design Features

Bring your site to life with animation, video backgrounds, and scroll effects.

Image Editor

Easy to upload your images, and crop them with few clicks.

HTML Embed Object

Embed Google maps, Youtube Video, social media like facebook, twitter, or any object can be embedded.

Arabic Design Support [RTL]

Holuol team provides Responsive Web Design for (desktops, tablets, and phones), supported with Arabic Style Design.

HTML Editor

No limitation, you can build your components the way you like if you don't find yours.

Don't worry, do you use email or Microsoft Word? and have a little experience on the internet, if yes then you can run inweb and control your website.

SEO Features

SEO Editor

Build your website SEO with friendly Built-in SEO editor for each page and image in your website.

SEO Friendly

Your website has built-in SEO, so your site will get found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex...

Sitemap Generator

Simply, control sitemap parameters for each page, and with a few clicks you can publish the sitemap.

SEO External Tools

Easy to embed any tools or plugin from any 3rd Party like Google, Facebook... that can support your website SEO.

Having a website is not enough if the audience can't find you on search engines.

A website without SEO, like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Advanced Tools

3rd Party Plugins

Easy to integrate any Javascript plugin for a specific page or total website like chat online, google codes, facebook pixel, ...

Social Network

Easy to link your social page in your website, as easy as copy and paste your social page link and select the right icon.

Metadata Editor

Most of Social Media required Metadata, with inweb it's easy to add Metadata to your website, or specific page upon your needs.

Advanced Search Engine

Inweb has an advanced search tool, to help your audience to find the right content fast and accurate.

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